Established in the Spring of 2016, Shrubbies Landscape and Design Company specializes in residential property services throughout Saugeen Shores and the surrounding area. Our services include landscape design, landscape installation and the enhancement of existing landscapes. While maintaining a strong understanding and appreciation for classic landscaping techniques S.L.D continuously strives to utilize and deliver new and innovative landscape methods and materials to our valued customers.


Derrick Giffin



Born in Ottawa Ontario and co-owner of Shrubbies Landscape and Design Company Derrick has 20+ years of experience in hardscape and softscape installation. He gained experience working for award winning landscaping companies which included doing installations for many of Ottawa's ambassadorial homes. Taking pride in quality workmanship and courteous service he has expertise in working with natural stone, interlock pavers, and has an extensive knowledge of plant selection and care.

Derrick spent several years living and working in Saugeen Shores and in 2016 returned with Hannah Black to establish Shrubbies Landscape and Design Company.

Derrick Giffin


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Hannah Black 


Born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Hannah spent her summers in Southampton where her parents owned a cottage and ran a local business. Passionate about the outdoors, Hannah decided to pursue a career as a Landscape Designer. She earned an advanced diploma in Landscape Design from Fanshawe College from 2011t o 2014. As a student Hannah competed for and was twice awarded the Kim Pratt award for Urban Landscape Design. After completing her diploma Hannah worked as a landscape designer for various companies in the London, Ontario area and was granted the Horticultural Award in recognition of her extensive plant knowledge. 

In 2016 she returned home to Southampton to establish Shrubbies Landscape and Design Co. The natural beauty of our area inspires much of Hannah's work. 


Hannah Black



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