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79 Albert Street South

Saugeen Shores, ON, N0H 2L0


A flagstone pathway and 'full log' cedar rail

fence were installed to compliment the architecture of this traditional Southampton cottage. A new cedar hedge (front and back)

gives privacy and definition to the property.


In this shady cottage backyard, the clients,

despite several attempts were unable to grow

grass and found the space to be unusable.

An interlock patio with pathways, a barbeque area, and gardens full of shade tolerant plants, turned it into a destination for

family and friends.


With the client's fondness for natural stone in mind we designed and installed a random flagstone walkway with two steps and landings leading to the main entrance.

In the backyard we designed and installed a stone patio and pergola large enough to entertain family and friends. The plants installed around the patio were chosen by the client to attract birds and butterflies.

**Special Note: The beautiful driftwood handrail along the front steps was built and installed by local artist Dave Eby from 'Driftwood by Dave.'


In this Japanese inspired dry riverbed design/installation we reused many of the plants and shrubs that were part of the original landscape.

Locally sourced moss covered rockery stone, the use of plants such as Japanese Iris and Creeping Juniper along the `rivers` edge, and clever grade changes give this landscape a real dry riverbed feel.


In this design we installed a random flagstone pathway that leads to a circular natural stone patio with a fire-pit. It is set amidst newly planted native plants, grasses and shrubs. Overlooking a stream this landscape blends seamlessly with its natural surroundings.


In this project we designed and installed tiered gardens retained with large armour stone. It was tricky because there was limited access to the site.

A dry stacked fieldstone retaining wall that had fallen down the previous year, when an addition was added to the cottage, was also rebuilt.


This project was an enhancement to an existing pond. We installed 2.5" thick sandblasted and rock-faced natural coping stone to the perimeter of the pond. A new filter, pump and bubbler were added to create a clean and healthy pond environment.

Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth were installed for aesthetic appeal. Shortly after the installation was complete frogs began to appear and take residence in the pond. This created additional interest and benefitted the surrounding gardens by helping to control the insect population.


This lake front property lent itself well to a natural Bruce Peninsula inspired design theme. To achieve this we used very large moss-covered rockery stone, and a combination of native and cultivated forest plants/shrubs. Selected existing mature trees were also incorporated into the design.An informal jumbo-flagstone walkway with large natural stone steps leads to the main entrance.

This theme continues on the lakeside of the site. A meadow was planted adjacent to a jumbo flagstone patio and an existing milkweed colony was left, attracting dozens of monarch butterflies. Beyond the patio a vegetable/herb garden was planted.


In this installation we built a pathway using a combination of jumbo and regular sized flagstone. The pathway gently meanders through the trees providing access to a garden shed.